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Audit services are those that provide or support an opinion given by CPAs at Sofia Financial Accounting Company on financial statements of the client and also accounting advice, consultations on preparation of accounts, and reporting to regulators and other third parties.

Key Benefits


Our audit approach is concentrated on the nature of the client’s activity and its influence on the control performed by the management. Our approach is stressing upon the understanding of the main problems which the management of the company is facing as well as the control procedures it applies. This allows us to work out an audit strategy based to the greatest extend on the examination of the internal control system instead of exclusive use of substantive procedures on large number of transactions. During the audit we concentrate on the fields that are important for the management of the client.


Our audit approach is based on the risk evaluation and is directed at determining that our work is of value to our clients, enabling decisions to be made from a position of the greatest possible certainty and determining that every advantage can be made of new opportunities.

bulletWe aim to keep a professional and effective approach to the audits performed as well as the highest standards for the services offered to the clients. We have developed an effective audit methodology corresponding to the requirements of the International Standards on Auditing.


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